Female Bodybuilder Photos

German photographer Martin Schoeller’s new book of portraits aims to highlight the contrast between the extreme physiques of female bodybuilders and the vulnerability expressed through their eyes and nuanced facial expressions.

Female Body Builders02

Female bodybuilders are by no means an undiscovered culture, but I find Martin’s stark and straightforward style a compelling watch, drawn in by the eye contact of the subjects and the subsequent rippling of their muscles lower down!

Female Body Builders03

You can view a collection of his work at the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery through 29th September 2009 or grab a copy of the book, “Female Bodybuilders” at Amazon.

From Etoday via Coolhunting

Female Body Builders07

Female Body Builders10

Female Body Builders08

Female Body Builders05

Female Body Builders09

Female Body Builders13

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27 comments   |  159,075 views  |  categories : Stared At

1 Bill Coyne { 03.09.09 at 1:22 pm }

If you look at “NOTHING” else but their faces. Leave out the body. You can see something is wrong with their muscle structure and skin tone. The glow of health is missing ,,,, “”NONE” of these ladies faces look attractive. You get a deep nagging feeling that something is amiss….


2 obama { 04.17.09 at 4:38 am }


3 ZOMGWTFBBQ { 05.03.09 at 10:55 pm }

Bill, learn something about the subjects you talk about before making ignorant comments please. They are covered in tanning product=no “healthy” glow, also in dieting for a competition they lose fat which includes the face giving that drawn in appearance you speak so harshly of. The only thing amiss is being critical of women who’s lives you know nothing about.

4 courtney { 05.12.09 at 7:41 pm }

all these girls are nasty ass ppl. ugh

5 Bill Farris { 05.21.09 at 2:30 pm }

You idiots don’t understand the bodybuilding culture, so you don’t what you’re talking about. These aren’t “fitness models.” They are BODYBUILDERS. These pics were doubtless taken at or near COMPETITION time for these ladies. Of course they don’t look all “rounded.” They’ve probably been in intense training for months, their bodyfat is down around 5%, and they’re a bit dehydrated. It’s very difficult to get into that condition and they can only sustain that drawn look for a very brief window…sometimes only hours. Other than at competition times, they are some of the most beautiful (in a traditional sense) women on the planet.

6 Just Some Guy { 08.22.09 at 5:34 pm }

Actually, I think these women are powerful and beautiful looking.
They clearly have incredible determination and drive to get their bodies into such insanely tweeked shape.

The stark focused looks just make them all the more dangerous and sexy looking.

I’d date one, if only for the experience and to get to know someone that is this dedicated to their body.

(plus, it could be fun to get tossed around like a rag doll for a night, I’m confident enough in my masculinity not to be intimidated by these women :)

7 Dave K { 09.11.09 at 6:05 pm }

Ignorance is a choice. Bill Farris has got it right. What he didn’t mention is the photography and subsequent post processing style of these images would make most ‘acceptable’ people look bad. Also, Ugly is ugly, beauty is only found where you want it to be. It’s all a choice.

8 David Awani { 10.03.09 at 2:51 pm }

i LOVE these women and would really LOVE to date them,they are extremely sexy and intelligent,how i wish i could get in touch with them,anyone being insultive towards them is just seriously insecured and a weak man,i i ever get to meet them i would shoe her the love she has been longing for all this while

9 butch { 01.24.10 at 10:35 pm }

im not a bodybuilder but i think women bodybuilders are beautiful they take care of their bodys

10 Really impressed { 02.09.10 at 1:09 am }

Wowee these women are really gorgeous, I love women who look like this, its so dam sexy, not at all threatening , but in my eyes really feminine and desirable. I would marry one of these lovely ladies if only one would say yes, preferably the beautiful black lady, she is so pretty. their effect on me is measureable lol.

11 WoW { 02.18.10 at 7:23 pm }

A woman doesn’t need muscles on muscles to be a strong woman!!!! These women obviously feel that they have something to prove, only that could give you the drive to make your body into something its not meant to be! Why can’t we be happy with the bodies we’re given?…

12 joshua { 05.29.10 at 6:17 am }

dude! one of them looks like micky rourke! searously, but all in all i say more power to them. they all look good, i mean dont get me rong the last blonde, if i wasnt married i wouldnt kick her out of bed. i would be to afraid to move!…& im out!

13 Sharon { 06.02.10 at 9:02 am }

Their achievements are amazing in the body building sense but they do look a bit bloke_ish – not their bodies but their faces – I agree, if you take the body away, they look like men with long hair.

14 Jarrod Johnson { 07.31.10 at 12:39 pm }


15 Doug { 08.06.10 at 8:46 am }

For what its worth I think that some of these ladies are as ambivalent as total sum of people who post these remarks. Keep in mind that bodybuilding is all about image… these ladies are in the gym looking at themselves everyday. So worried about every little detail. I think for so many of them, I wouldn’t say all of them, but for so many of them the attitude is “Quid Pro Quo” Some softness of the face, some slimming of the hips, deeped voices and so on… Just to be what they want to be. Just to fulfill there ideas of what they want. They are no different than the “Punch Drunk” boxer who has that unrelenting desire to get back in the ring, even when it doesn’t make sense to any one esle. They are also no different than the woman who dyes her hair, who gets hair extentions, who get colored contacts, tummy tucks, ect. They want to achieve something visual. Now whether it comes from a healthy place, that’s anybodys call… And while the people that disaprove have the freedom to spew pointless, ineffectual, dull witted comments and the admirers feel the need to defend, not because of their oppostion to ignorance but rather their fetishized regard for musculature on women… I think these women are what they appear to be. Strong and weak. But no more stonger or weaker than anybody else. That’s just one man’s opinion…

16 joy { 12.29.10 at 3:39 am }

how do you get like this? Is it possible for anyone to get like this

17 Mani { 01.01.11 at 5:53 am }

Nice Pictures

18 Lis { 03.18.11 at 10:03 pm }

Having done bodybuidling in a former life, I have to say I have nothing to prove and never have, WOW. These women have a passion and they train with dedication. They do not look this hard all year round as their bodies would breakdown. Should people just not appreciate everyone for what they are and what they do and not be so narrow minded. It is so nice to hear positive comments like most of those above, bring on open mindedness and enjoy everyone for who they are!!!

19 nando-rj { 04.07.11 at 6:13 pm }

i love debbie laszewski,goddes of bodybuilding.

20 marie desdemona martinez { 05.17.11 at 3:30 pm }

These women are amazing. And very very dedicated.loved it

21 Snaggsy { 06.11.11 at 5:18 am }

@just some guy

Your a fucking freak

22 luis fernando-brasil { 06.19.11 at 12:04 pm }

sexy and delicious,i love her

23 KyndalSarah { 07.18.11 at 3:33 am }

Not only do their faces look drawn in because of the lack of fat on their body, but they have a much more prominent jaw line that women naturally do. Their faces are square and masculine. Did this happen before or after they started bodybuilding?

24 Shane Jin { 08.13.11 at 4:08 am }

i cant imagine having sex with a female body builder.. does these female can still feel lust or sex urges???

25 Chad { 10.16.11 at 5:43 pm }

The trouble with all these photos is that the eyes have very obviously been tweaked by a computer and consequently they don’t look like they have anything at all to do with the bodies they’re in. Some of the eyes even look more like paintings than real eyes. A bit of an own goal, I’d say, when the object of the exercise was meant to be to reveal the real personalities behind the extreme bodies.

26 barry { 10.26.11 at 5:02 pm }

women with that sort of muscle look horrible, they have lost there feminine touch, which is what attracts us to them, and it is most likely that all these so called ladies have used a lot of steroids, blocked the estrogen and all the other female hormones, they are pretty much men, with out the bits!

27 lolwtf { 11.30.11 at 4:15 am }

Holy fucking dog faces. Gross. Just, gross.

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